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Tomi left people in amazement after writing Haibo I dressed Sindi Dlathu on this pic

Sindiswa Dlathu (born January 4, 1974) is a South African actress and musician. She is well known for portraying Thandaza Mokoena on Muvhango, a role she played from the show's inception in 1997 until her departure in 2018. Death left Muvhango to play a leading role in the telenovela The River, where she plays the role of Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana, a fierce woman, who would do anything to protect her wealth and maintain her lavish lifestyle.

Is everyone's dream to see their dream come true, everything you do you want to see it prosper and by prosper I mean if you're a designer you wish to see your design wore by big people, and I guess there's nothing wrong with that but is called being a big dreamer. And being a big dreamer opens opportunities and doors for you, people didn't get where they are today just by doing but also by dreaming.

And when we talk about big dreamers were talking about people like Tomi Rikhotso. Tomi is one of those designers that dreams big. Tomi is a 29-year-old designer, who is arguably one of the most in-demand fashion designers in SA, opened his first store Tomi R in Houghton, Johannesburg, after nine tough but fruitful years in the industry on 24 November 2020. Tomi says it took him about eight to nine years to open this store and it took him a while to get the kind of recognition he gets. He also says he worked very hard.

After sharing a picture of the lady that looks like Sindi Dlathu who he designed a wedding dress for he wrote: HAIBO I DRESSED SINDI DLATHU: knowing his work people couldn't help but believe that yes indeed that's Sindi Dlathu. Finally, Tomi dressed as one of the best actors in South Africa of which I guess that's one of his dreams because knowing Sindi Dlathu if Tomi could dress her imagine the exposure Tomi will get from that.

But Tomi is a big dreamer and a hard worker, and hard work pays one day he will dress Sindi Dlathu. For now, it can be a dream but one day it will be a reality and when that day comes we will be here to witness the greatness of God and the beauty of the most beautiful dress.

Therefore Tomi doesn't stop dreaming, dreamers go far in life, so far you've done amazing things for yourself, and congratulations on making it these far greater things are waiting for you wherever you're going. Keep on designing those beautiful dresses and making those brides look stunningly amazing on their special day.

And with all the love and support you're getting on social media Tomi your going places.

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