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Dj Black Coffee leaves Mzansi frenzy after posting wearing Cassaper Nyovest's shoes

When they say that celebrities can alter your mind, they really mean it. When celebrities do it, people take it seriously, just like fashion trends. When one of South Africa's Dj Black Coffee shared a photo of himself wearing Cassaper Nyovest's sneakers, he surprised folks. Instead of criticizing the shoes, many are altering their minds about them, and some are even considering purchasing them.

People are influenced by foreign DJs. Dj black coffees, like a magnet, attracts a great number of individuals; if someone enjoy Dj coffee can take the first step in helping another musician in South Africa. There is something we should celebrate as a country because it implies we are progressing. See artist supporting each other not fighting one another means the futureis pregnant with possibilities. One should hang there good days are coming. Cassaper Nyovest launched his sneakers not long ago but it's getting all the attention from people.


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