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Husband and wife relationship

Woman who claims to be Mampintsha's wife drags Babes

Babes Wodumo's concerns won't ever stop. On the off chance that it's not her fans betraying her in light of her perpetual exposure stunts, it's treachery tales which have now acquired foothold. This time, a lady on TikTok has acquired the clout she has been craving by professing to be Mampintsha's genuine spouse.


In the expressions of Counterbalanced and his better half Cardi B, "they do anything for clout." We have seen clout chasers all over web-based media, attempting to acquire importance by working up dramatization. Indeed, even our own ZAlebs have done it, and Babes Wodumo takes the crown.

With all the dramatization that has been happening with Babes Wodumo and her family, we can't tell any longer what is genuine and what is phony. Seeing her last "exposure stunt" which indeed turned out not to be valid - we say this since we think that it is difficult to accept that Makhadzi would consent to this joke - we can't disregard the chance of Angels Wodumo conceivably having a hand at this.

So a TikToker by the name of Mamesh, claims that she is Mampintsha's first spouse and that she is his genuine wife, not Darlings Wodumo.

"Hello there Angels Wodumo, you call yourself MaSimelane, well I am MaMaphumulo, the genuine one. Kindly let Makhadzi be, I'm Mampintsha's genuine spouse. Since you all are hitched, that doesn't has anything to do with me. I'm likewise hitched. I couldn't say whether you know this yet he and I are hitched.

"Besides, quit going around and dissing Mampintsha's mom, she is my relative. Since they are concealing me you figure I will stay calm. I'm attempted of you, you think since individuals are terrified of you, I will likewise fear you. I need South Africa to arrange a battle among us and on that day don't drink liquor, eat pap since I will pound you," she said.

Makhadzi was blamed for being the person who is dating Mampintsha yet she immediately disproved those claims by uncovering Angels Wodumo's affirmed "poisonous" ways while they were in studio.

"I'm telling you, Angels Wodumo, that you never thought often about what befell your studio. I never educated anybody concerning this aside from my beau. I let him know you were battling for your sweetheart not to check out me, and that it's something I can't handle. I came to your studio to work, and needed Mampintsha to put a refrain. However, when I showed up, you didn't need me to record. All things considered, you battled with Mampintsha before everybody. You let him know you had found me before him. You let me know your concerns and the present moment, I'm not in any event, going to unveil that data.

"You were misbehaving, pouring liquor on PCs and couldn't handle yourself before guests. I needed to stand by in light of the fact that I needed to work. Your man, Mampintsha, was chasing after me and it isn't my issue to worry about. Your man loves ladies and you should manage him, not me," said an extremely irate Makhadzi.

"I don't have any idea where he got my number from, and when he sends an instant message I don't answer. In any case, today you're discoloring my name. If it's not too much trouble, stop. I didn't take your man and I don't circumvent taking individuals' sweethearts.

"You definitely dislike your man and you were thumping him before us. You battled with him for simply checking out me. I maintained this as a mystery since I regard you, however since you are searching for consideration you think of a claim that I'm laying down with your man. I have my own beau and I'm not modest like that. So kindly regard me. Try not to go around discoloring my name."


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