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Pregnancy period

Skeem Saam: Things are not looking good for Pretty as Mantuli finds out about her pregnancy


Things are about to get more complicated on Skeem Saam as we witnesses Mantuli returning to Turfloop on tonight's episode. She was really happy to be reunited with her family after a longtime, however she didn't like the attitudes she got from her daughter Pretty. Kwaito and Sthoko are really happynti see their mother back in her home all fully recovered, but for Pretty and Clement are not so happy about her return as they fear that their secrets will be brought to light. Pretty felt that she had time to deal with her pregnancy before her mother comes back and she was surprised to see her walking into their home. On the other hand Clement is afraid to go back home after Kwaito caught him red handed with Tlotliso, and he has now resulted to want Tlotliso to rent a hotel fie him. It seems Clement might have gotten away with Hus relationship with Tlotliso bit for Pretty it's the end of the road.

Eunice revealed Petty's secret to Mantuki about get pregnancy, it seems she couldn't let Pretty use her as an escape goat. Mantuli was really happy to cone back home after a longtime but her happiness was ruined in a matter of hours after she heard the news about Petty's pregnancy. While she was trying to comfort Eunice about her alleged pregnancy she got the who if her life to keaen that Pretty is actually the one that is pregnant, this really doesn't look good for her considering that even her uncle Sfiso and Kwaito also know about her pregnancy and there is no way for her to escape from this. It seems her plan to get abortion before her family finds out about her pregnancy have failed and now she has to face the consequences.

Things really looks bad for Pretty considering his she entered the house while Eunice was talking about her pregnancy. After entering the house she could feel the tension in the house and she will be left with no choice but to face the music. Once again Mantuli's life has been turned upside down and Pretty regrets the two weeks she spent with Lehasa, while he is busy moving on with his life Pretty's life has been destroyed and this will leave Mantuli devastated. She will who no mercy to Pretty until she reveals who the father of her baby is, this will break her even more to know that Kehasa will be in their lives forever because if the baby that Pretty is caring.

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