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Why Was Jack By Nasty C Removed From YouTube?

Nasty C's song Jack definitely shook the game up reaching 3M views in just 2 Months, not so long before it was taken down from YouTube, But why was it taken down?

To understand what really happened let us take a closer look at the structure of the song, at the most basic level a song is created by a producer, a writer and an artist. All these aspects of a song need to be 100% original an exception being in intellectual property being bought i.e. working with a ghost writer, leasing/purchasing a beat etc. Now with Jack the problem was not in the writing of the song but rather the most fundamental part of the song which was the production. The beat of the song was produced by Flvme who owns all rights to the beat but, he sampled the beat from a melody he did not create, which is very normal in Hip Hop we sample beats all the time it is part of the culture.

However, with sampling comes a lot of legal constrains which can be avoided by simply clearing the sample, Flvme admits to using a sample pack in the making of the beat and Nasty C also assumed that was the reason behind the song being taken down. The melody was created by a YouTube producer Exquisite Beats and uploaded as a free sample pack with these number of legal constrains for the sample:

  • The song will be limited to 100 000 streams
  • The song cannot be distributed to more than 1 radio station
  • You credit him in the title of the song/mention his name in the song
  • And he owns half of the writers share

Was it negligence on Flvme's part to not read the fine print or clear the sample? Look, I am not a lawyer and I am pretty sure Flvme is not either and sometimes all we want to do is make beats. Hopefully he has learnt a valuable lesson on clearing samples, but let us know what you think in the comments.

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