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People feel sorry for the famous singer after he loses his expensive car

People feel sorry for their favorste singer songwriter, and producer, King Monada. Kigmonada was born and raised in Limpopo this singer has been doing so well and his career was going so smoothly. The drama started few months ago after King Monada made headlines after their fight with the singer, Mskhadzi who was also born and raise in Limpompo.

King Modada and Makhadzi were fighting over a song, and Makhadzi won the case and ended up owning the song title Ganama which is now sitting on 5 million views on YouTube. Ever since tha incident music lovers have turned their back on King Monada, things has been bad for King Monada. Now, King Monada loseses one of his expensive cars "King Monada's M4 repossessed Mfano o wele" an influencer trying to make fun King Monada's down fall, but Twitter users put him in his place. Twitter users told this influencer to not make fun of someone's down fall ''King Monada or not we can't be black, and continue celebrating a fellow black person' s downfall, come on man not in 2021" said a Twitter user who feels for King Monada. "It's a car not a whole identity" said Twitter who belive King Monada will get back on his feet soon.

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