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Another SA famous actor nearly took her Life. Here is why. She speaks. See who she is

Connie Chiume, who portrays MamSonto in Gomora, stated during Siyabonga Zubane's funeral that she had tried suicide numerous times when she was younger. Last week, it is thought that actress Siyabonga Zubane, who was 23 years old and portrayed Sdumo in the television series Gomora, committed suicide. Chiume revealed that she attempted suicide following the loss of her daughter while she was caring for and feeding her.

The veteran disclosed that following her daughter's death, she struggled with sadness and contemplated suicide, but she never shared these sentiments with anyone else. She told her colleagues actors at the memorial that she believed a demon had taken control of her body and was attempting to induce her to commit suicide. She was, nevertheless, able to conquer the demon by the power of prayer.

"It is difficult to speak about Siya, a little girl with such talent and vision. "A child whose future we were still eager to witness," Siya's mother added. We shall miss his presence here." "I know how terrible it is for his parents since I came close to committing suicide," she said.

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She stated that she frequently works with young children and is able to observe their maturation, and that Siya was one of the children in this group. She did not attend acting school, so she learns a great deal from these younger actors, which is one reason why she enjoys working with them so much. When our children die in such a dreadful way, I can't help but question, "To whom do we pass the torch? "Let's not pretend that everything is fine. Our youth are struggling, and this is not just a problem in creative fields such as the arts and business. It influences young people in general."

"A demonic spirit from hell is hunting our youth," stated the speaker.

"I came so close to terminating it all": "Gomora's" Connie Chiume attended the memorial service for Siya Zubana.

Lulu Hela, the producer of Gomora, stated, "To know Siyabonga was to love Siyabonga. It is strange to speak of him in the same manner as if he had already died." I met him for the first time in 2019 during an audition for the role of Gomora. Due to Sdumo's excessive enthusiasm, his role in the show was originally intended to span only three episodes, but was ultimately stretched. We feel a profound sense of grief due to his passing. Siya was exceptionally brilliant when it came to acting, and she loved it with all her heart.


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