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Nthabi leaves MJ hanging on Temptation Island SA episode 9

MJ is left with an egg on his face after Nthabi decides not to send him a video message. Could this be the end of their dying relationship?

When the four couples arrived in Temptation Islands South Africa’s paradise to embark on their romantic journey, they were separated into two villas – one for the women and another for the men on the other side of town.

Since then, the pairs haven’t spoken to each other, which has caused plenty of confusion because in every episode they are shown out-of-context clips of their partners flirting and forming a connection with a hot single. However, uncertainties are laid to rest in episode 9 of Temptation Island South Africa. How? The couples are allowed to send their partners a message in the form of a 30-second video recording.

While some send a heartfelt video, reassuring their partners that they’ve been faithful, one woman chooses not to send a clip, causing more strain to her already questionable relationship. There’s trouble in paradise! Let’s get into the episode…

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the ninth episode of Temptation Island South Africa.

Nthabi is heartbroken

The episode begins with the couples returning from their last bonfire. As expected, Nthabi is heartbroken that her boyfriend MJ is in a full-on relationship with another woman at the men’s villa. Nthabi is so disappointed, vexed, and perturbed by MJ’sbehaviorr that she can’t bring herself to say his name in her conversation with her front-runner Brandon.

“What is it that I’ve done to this person? Why does he think that it’s okay to humiliate me like this? It sucks that [my pain] is caused by someone who I once considered my best friend,” says Nthabi, in a shaky voice.

She was once convinced that she’d leave paradise hand-in-hand with MJ, but his heart now belongs to Bontle. Nthabi has two options: form another connection with one of the attractive single guys, or leave paradise alone.

Sending mixed messages

Whether it’s his charm or smile – or both, many women have found themselves at Sifiso’s bedroom door, trying to capture his attention. This week, it’s Dimpho’s turn. She demands answers from him because one-minute Sifiso is flirting with her, and the next, he’s completely ignoring her and taking Eve on dates. 

Sifiso is just as confused about his feelings, and he doesn’t give Dimpho a concrete answer. Before she leaves, Dimpho tells Sifiso that she loves him. Sifiso goes from bewildered to shocked. Dimpho means business and she won’t let Sifiso out of her sight until he gives in to her affections.

Gigi leaves paradise

Overnight, Gigi receives a call from her family in Johannesburg, informing her that her ill father’s health is deteriorating. The family needs her. So, Gigi decides to put her family first and she goes home.

“It just feels like every time I do something to further my dreams, there’s an obstruction. I can’t get a break,” says Gigi, with tears streaming.

Gigi might not realize it, but she made an impact on the reality show. From her feud with Nthabi and MJ to her dance-offs at the house parties, her presence in the villa has left a mark.

The final party

To end the week, both villas organize the final party of the season. The theme is tribal but very few of the cast members stick to it. Those who do follow the rules are dressed in colorful printed outfits. There’s lots of dancing at both villas and Nthabi lets loose at the women’s mansion. She graces the dancefloor with incredible moves and an unexpected ballet split. You go, girl! 

Nicole unravels

When things were good between Coco and Grant, they were great. But after she realized that the relationship wasn’t going forward and she lost interest in him, things turned sour – quickly.

During their chat, she accuses him of playing games with her, saying: “You’re the sweet guy who no one suspects could cheat.” Halfway through their heated discussion, Lerato interrupts them and starts flirting with Grant, which leaves Coco with no other choice than to walk away from the conversation.  

No messages in the box

Then, just when the couples are starting to lose faith in their relationships, they receive video messages from their partners. The emotional clips restore all hope in their romances, except for one couple: Nthabi and MJ. She’s the only one in the group who doesn’t send her partner a video. MJ is gutted, to say the least, stating: “There’s nothing left. [Nthabi] doesn’t love me. She doesn’t miss me. So, there’s nothing. I’m alone in this [process].”

The question is, where does this leave Bontle if MJ believes that he is “alone?”

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