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See: Businessman demolishes house build for girlfriend because she dumped him

Now you see it; now you don't as mansion is demolished by a dumped boyfriend. Some girls have all the luck; but then their luck can turn into a horrible nightmare quickly. A famous businessman; built a house for his girlfriend in KaMagugu in Mpumalanga.

TLB demolishing a completed double storey

The pictures were posted by Obed Ngomane Mshika on his Facebook page. The girlfriend turned around and said she no longer loved the businessman. This after the double storey had been built; in what looks like an upmarket suburb.

The house is left in rubble after being demolished

After the businessman was dumped; he hired a TLB and an excavator then the double storey was demolished just like that. No kicking her out and selling the house; but simply tore it down.

Talk about easy come easy go. It obviously is no loss to the woman as she did not pay for it; but it is probably a lesson to her that; it is always better to get your own things than rely on men.

I suppose it is a lesson to slay queens too; that exorbitant gifts from men are only as good as long as you are still around and pleasing the blesser.

Some men always say there is nothing for free; which simply means that when you get something from a man; they want something back. Usually it is a woman's body.

This sad state of events should be an eye opener to all blessee's; no blessing from a man; comes without ending in tears. The blesser needs to be pleased even when you no longer want to; or else you lose everything.

Courtesy: Facebook

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KaMagugu Obed Ngomane Mshika TLB


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