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Trevor Noah: The return

South African-born comedian Trevor Noah is ready to take the world on again. The arrival of the COVID19 pandemic really took a hit on the entertainment industry, including comedy. Now with the world slowly normalizing, Noah has big plans.

Daily Social Distancing Show

For the longest time after the pandemic hits and the world experienced one shut down after the other, fans had to move in with Trevor. This happened as The Daily Show studios shut down and everyone had to work from home. From that point on many went home with Trevor and enjoyed the lockdown version of the show, The Daily Social Distancing Show. The show basically took place in Noah's living room and continued with its format in a different setting. Guests could not come on live to the show but technology made it possible for them to still be part of the show. The team did an excellent job at keeping things together while apart. Now, the show is said to be possibly coming back to television screens with a new setup. This may or may not be possible as the comedian is about to embark on a long world tour. However, given the way things have been done under the pandemic restrictions, the show may be able to come back in a similar setup. Only this time fans may be on the road with Noah. This remains to be seen.

Trevor Noah World Tour 2021

Noah will be traveling the world once again, we know this because the star recently announced the upcoming tour on his Instagram account. The tour is titled "Back To Abnormal". The comedian is a great performer and many cannot wait to sit in live shows with him once again. In the video uploaded to his Instagram, the comedian states that the show is starting in the United States and then going everywhere across the world. However, because of the current dates that have been released on his website, South Africans beg to differ. Currently, there are no dates released anywhere in Africa. Audiences and fans in Africa may have to be more patient as more dates may be released as the tour continues. With the pandemic at hand, it is possible that every country is being listed as logistics are being finalized. It could also be that Noah is simply just going to skip Africa entirely. But, all we can do is wait and see. Keep checking the comedian's website to see if dates have been uploaded for your country, this goes for all of Africa and other countries that are not currently listed on the show list.

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