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Siyacela from "isencane lengane" wants a second wife.

Reality shows are very entertaining, knowing that something was not scripted, really gives people the idea that, that particular tv show is entertaining. It's hard finding good entertainment these days, where there is an abundant number of it, for example, on Netflix, there is a lot of movies, series, etc.

Nothing says unpredictable, like a reality show. Reality shows have that unpredictable setting and the best part about it is that it is not scripted like movies and series.

Well one reality show that has grabbed Mzansi's attention, the show is the Moja love show Isencane lengane, which is about a young Zulu couple that gets married at a young age, Now they have to figure out things as a married couple.

Well recently the husband Who is called Siyacela, on episode 17, ventures to Ethekwini where he and he's two brothers have a braai at he's brothers house, where he comes clean about meeting another girl from Ethekwini, and one of his brothers is not on board with the news, and he tells Siyacela, what kind of a women the girl is and that she is about 8 years older than him, but Siyacela seems to be not happy with what his brother says.

Siyacela's wife who he left home seems to be having a hard time with Siyacela being gone and her having to be left alone at home.

She even says that she is aware that siyacela is seeing another woman, and it seems that she is right because as episode 17 goes on, Siyacela is seen taking a women to the beach and it seems the girl is the one he was telling he's brothers about.

Siyacela even tells the producers that he has decided to make his new girlfriend from Ethekwini his second wife, which is not surprising since he got married at a very young age.

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