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Though Amapiono Is Doing Great International, Nasty C Doesn't See Himself Doing It

A well known SA rapper who made a name for himself abroad does not see himself moving away from hip hop music , despite admitting that amapiano had introduced many genres of music around the world.

Nasty C, who is busy with his current tour of the Ivyson Army Tour ,had an exclusive interview with the media where he revealed that although he agrees to import amapiano, he does not see himself moving from hip hop to world map. He further said he respects the type of music and he has no problems composing it. Nasty C also said that he could compose music but singing it would not be possible at all. In his world tours he has learnt a lot about the music,and also on how to compose it.

He agreed that he well known for composing his own music, from sound to lyrics, hence it is not difficult for him to make any other kind of music. Preparations are underway for his album which he hopes will be released later this year. Nasty said that he knows a lot of people think that he knows many famous people and would prefer to work with them, but he said that was not the case. He revealed that he likes working with strangers so he can share his knowledge which he has gained over the years.

Nasty C released a song titled Can't Imagine" which is being played live on many radio stations. During his tour he started at Bloemfontein and moved to Durban and the past weekend he was in Cape Town and is expected to finish the tour in Johannesburg next month. On the other hand,the son of a fast moving star in music, who is still one of the artists around Nasty C at his events. Domain, was born in USA by star Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. He said that he felt happy and humbled to be party of the Nasty C cycle and learned so much from the Industry.

Domani said that the SA people are warm and welcoming and it so fun to entertain them as they have a fun atmosphere. He praised the amapiano music though he noticed that it's instruments were slower than usual. He said what he likes about the genre was the way SA danced to it which made it fun to be in the entertainment scene. Domani said he took a lot from his father in the music industry and used it to develop himself.

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