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OPINION| Should Jubjub apologize to MacG for costing him his sponsorship

Jubjub has cost MacG his sponsorship


Sources: News24 Twitter page

Few of MacG's podcast sponsors have cut the ties with him, regarding the comments that Jubjub has made to the podcast. Many South African were not happy with the last episode of the show, and the last guest was other than Jubjub. Jubjub has made a few comments against the all the women that he use to date. He also told the public about the things that her previous. Jubjub was also using a very strong language on his way of expressing his feelings about women.

Now the question is, should Channel O continue to broadcast MacG's podcast to their channel. Mzansi is divided right now, many women who are mostly celebrities such as Ayanda Thabethe and Minnie Dlamini says that the podcast is degrading women of South Africa. Others are saying that the show should continue because MacG is actually exposing people and their unlawful ways that leads them to success. Jubjub should apologise for making his personal problems to affect MacG's work and the way of living. Now MacG is back to square one to look foe another sponsors that is if he continues to host his podcast to his fans.

Jubjub has dragged many people even the celebrities who have been accused of rape in the last couple of years. Jubjub's files that has promised to deliver had ruined people's lives. This mean more job loss in South Africa. MacG's podcast is loved by many people and he is one of the most watched Youtuber in 2021 in South Africa. He will definitely be back with another season, because his fans still wants to see politicians as one of the guests to the show especially Cyril Ramaphosa. MacG is fixing the country and Jubjub owes him an apology.

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