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Jub Jub released single

Molemo Maarohanye who is professional known as Jub Jub. He remix his hit song Ndikhokhele, which was released on the 30 October 2020. In the song he collaborating with many artists such as Rebecca Malope, Black Diamond, Mlindo the vocalist and Benjamin Dube.

The rapper took the single as an opportunity to look back at his 2010 case, where he was charged with cupable homicide, and used the gospel sound to promote his faith in God. With the money he gonna made he gonna donate it to the poor.

Featuring some of South Africa's most well-known singers proved to be in the favour, as it garnered much attention for the single and has led to support from the industry peers following his imprisonment.

The song also holds a hip hop rhythm whilst keep the original melody. Molemo's verses also show his remorse for the incident, whilst openly crediting god for the progress he has made since the release.

The single is available for purchase on the online stores. Jub Jub promise his fans nothing but great music and good behaviour, because he is matured enough now.

Molemo thank everyone who support his art work because without those fans he won't do anything. He also encourage them to keep on buy his music.

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