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Mzansi's Left Disappointed By This Guy After He Went To His Date Wearing Flip Flops In #DateMyFamily

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed With This Guy After He Went To His Date Wearing Flip Flops In #DateMyFamily

Every week mzansi magic gives us people who wrote to the show #DateMyFamily looking for partners. Today's in #DateMyFamily we meet 29 years old man Shirod Thorne from Pretoria North who is looking for a partner. 

When you go to a TV make sure that you look presentable and you meet all the standards that every woman need. Today's bachelor Shirod got everyone talking in social media after he went to his date wearing flip flops. Shirod left the #DateMyFamily fans speechless, he did not present himself.

He was wearing flip flops while he is trying to impress the family who are presenting the potential date. After seeing him, viewers immediately thought of about the other woman who went to single and mingle looking for boyfriend. The two dates are no different, they are the same.

The double standards, #DateMyFamily potential, they don’t believe that the guy has been single for 3 years but Olga has been single for 2 years. The guy has been single for 3 years yet fails to buy himself proper shoes. There these kids go again making being single seem like some kinda of venereal disease. Sometimes families don’t need to know all the details of a breakup or past relationships.

Shirod actually handled these families very well i mean it shows how matured he is. The third family is the one that impressed Shirod. The fact that he picked her even after that racist comment proves how mature he is. He came back just to prove that “Coloured people aren’t bad”. Because after what that guy said, he should have stayed away from that family. People on #DateMyFamily read into the bachelor/ bachelorette from how the family behave.


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