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Check Out Beautiful & Gorgeous Pictures Of Maseko’s New Girlfriend In #Umndeni. See Her Name

Check Out Beautiful & Gorgeous Pictures Of Maseko’s New Girlfriend In #Umndeni

Maseko's new girlfriend is back tonight. I expect fireworks. The way Dabula is looking at Kim is why there's: if looks could kill. Kim is only here to cause havoc, nothing else. Kim called Maseko a king and said the wives are princesses, you can only have one queen and that’s her. 

Kim: "Maseko is the king"

Dabula: "If he's the king, what are we?"

Kim: "Princesses"

Dabula: "No, we're Queens"

Maseko is always apologizing. Then does the same thing again. He apologies just before introducing someone, what was he doing all this time. He is now taking another wife Kim. 

Maseko is failing the ones at his disposal yet he still goes out and look for more. Mamkhulu is brave shame everytime Maseko introduces a new partner she will just except. Mahlalentabeni was complaining about Maseko cheating on her with Kim but now she welcomes Kim with open arms. The problem with polygamy is that you don’t know when the guy will stop, you might be okay with 1 extra wife than 1 year later he adds two more.

I was thinking Kim's grandfather is her grandmother's first born. Grandma just reminded Kim that Maseko is not his husband but just a boyfriend and then goes back to saying you choose you choose, there's not going back. The ultimate confidence we all need is Maseko’s when gogo told him he’s handsome.

The women are always talking first it was Fezile’s aunts now it’s Kim’s meanwhile the uncles just sit and say nothing the whole time. Imagine your daughter brings you Maseko. Uncles must also protect their nieces and talk like men but woman don’t joke, they just go for it regardless of who’s around.

 In Swati if you want your Gfs family to know you, you send your family to the woman's house with some money to introduce you so they know that when she doesn't come back home she is with you. 

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