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Fans Go Crazy For DJ Lamiez Holworthy's Boss Lady Look

We are officially at the last days of the year. The last week, the last Sunday of the year 2020 and it has been a challenging year for a lot of people.

The Coronavirus has really changed a lot of things and we now have to adjust to living with the new normal.

Whilst it has been a challenging year for a lot of people, some have been doing great. DJ Lamiez Holworthy is such a person who has also had a great year.

As we reach the end of they year, Lamiez Holworthy has a lot to be grateful for this year. She has has been making boss moves and signing big deals with big companies.

Her first boss move was signing up with Red Bull as a brand ambassador for their new watermelon flavor. This is perfect for her because she's a fan of Redbull energy drink.

Everytime she goes out to play a set somewhere, she always has a can of Redbull near by. Which is probably why she's always so energetic when she plays.

They usually say that DJ's only know how to play good music and that they're not really good at dancing at times, Lamiez Holworthy is the exact opposite of that, she dances to her sets all the time.

That's not the only boss move she has done. As a person who has been a DJ for a long time and only got a shot at a limelight a couple of years ago, she knows better than anyone how hard it is to break into entertainment industry.

So it is with that that she has teamed up Diesel SA, which is one of the biggest clothing brands in the world and Metro FM to help out with you and coming DJ's.

That's not the only thing that she does that her fans take notice of but also her fashion sense. Lamiez Holworthy is a fashionable woman.

She doesn't limit herself to one style and that because she looks great in everything she wears. On most days she likes to show some leg game every now and then.

Other days she wears a versatile street style where she puts random items to form an out and even then she still rocks it.

Other days she goes on full classy lady with a beautiful dress and a pair of gorgeous heels with her favourite accessory, that would be shades.

When she takes a ride on her Harley Davidson she's always on full in biker girl mode with the leather pants and jacket with her bikers helmet on her side.

Then there's days where she goes on boss lady mode and wears a gorgeous suit. Her recent suit got fans talking on social media. She looks stunning, here's what fans had to say.

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