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Who Is GoingTo Win Idols Season 17: See The Viral Post That Left Mzansi Divided/Opinion


Its been a long road on Idols from the auditions to the finale .Some of the country's favourite contestants have been elimated and the people who everyone thought will be the first to go are still standing.This coming Sunday will be the finale and everyone is asking who will win this year's Idol.

In the finale it will be Berry against Karabo .Both singers are very talented but who will take the cup to be crowned SA Idol of Season 17 .See who Mzansi thought will win i this post that has gone viral on social media .

Many are saying that Berry will be crowned the winner this year and we totally agree .As much as Karabo is talented ,Berry talent is on another level .She is very versatile and people love her .

Berry has entered Idols before and she made it to theatre week before she was eleminated .This year she came back stronger and managed to make it to the final .By the look of things she will be winning .She is the true defination of never giving up on your dreams .

She managed to come back years later when she has started a family and was married with 4 kids to finish what she started and make her dream come true .On Sunday hopefully she will see that dream of hers come true .Most people usually see having kids as the end of your dreams but not for Berry .

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