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Meet Famous Celebrities Who Have Real Hatred For Each Other

Celebrity rivalries. We all adore a good celebrity feud (maybe more than a good celebrity romance!) and there have been plenty recently, with heated remarks, Twitter confrontations, and even celebrity brawls. Before Taylor Swift-Kanye West,

We've gathered some of the most famous celebrity feuds, from Hollywood rivalries to failing friendships. Some of these famous feuds ended with the stars reconciling (and even becoming friends! ), while others remained unresolved or worsened over time.

Mimi: "They pitted two girls." Mariah Carey hated her American Idol season for various reasons. Idol producers fabricated Carey's animosity with Nicki Minaj, she says.

Minaj vs. Carey

Although her feuds with other celebrities were subtle, her sentiments for Nicki Minaj were not. MTV says the Carey/Minaj animosity started when both became American Idol judges. Carey told Us Weekly it was like working in hell with Satan. Minaj snubbed Carey. Minaj reportedly told MTV, "I won't tolerate her f***ing highness." At least they're honest.

Minaj vs. Cyrus

When Nicki won the VMA for best hip-hop video in 2015, she addressed Miley's recent press coverage. "Miley, what's good?"

Kanye vs. Taylor

Who can forget Swift and West's feud? Kanye interrupted Taylor's 2009 VMA speech. Taylor reacted to Kanye's apology with "Innocent," and the two appeared at peace.

Until 2016, when Kanye released "Famous," a song critical of Taylor. The internet erupted after Kim Kardashian published secret recordings of a private phone call in which Taylor seemed to approve of the lyrics. A leaked transcript of the phone call backs Taylor's account of events, but the fight is far from done.

Kim vs. Paris

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton aren't friends, according to Bustle. They're not BFFs anymore, despite being quiet about each other.

Lerato and Bonang

Despite both women claiming a rivalry, reports persist. Lerato reportedly got a TV role Bonang sought.

Queen B and LKG took photos to debunk rumors. True Love was accused of body-shaming Lerato by Bonang. Unedited cellulite photos from Lerato's June 2016 cover. After being accused of airbrushing Lerato's cover, it published the photos. Editing was required.

"I'm livid!" @leratokganyago conveyed her rage. Bonang claimed on social media that a prominent magazine body shamed her.

Fans were relieved that their fight was "false news." Bonang left Metro FM in April 2017 after co-hosting The Front Row with Lerato because of a station restructure. Social media users mocked Bonang for leaving because she was alerted minutes before her show.

Bonang's exit as the show's sole star was expected. Queen B said her acting had nothing to do with Lerato.

Lerato's "darkest radio experience" was co-hosting The Front Row with Bonang. Despite the revelation, LKG praised Queen B.

"It was nice at first, although difficult, and I knew we'd get through it. Strange... She's amazing. She explained her decision on Metro FM in January 2019.

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