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A known prophet tells people to stop wearing masks for too long because of this reason

Prophet Rha don't go a day without sharing one or two words of wisdom to the people on twitter and he's been getting quite a number of followers.

However, when he made a prophecy about of of the late amaPiano artists, Killer Kau who was involved in a car crush, people asked him why he only make prophecies on famous people.

With that being said, when you are giving a gift, it's God who controls you on how to use it,when and to whom.

Rha has also touched on the vaccine issue and continued to say that, a new virus that's coming will also require people to be vaccinated.

Once again he spoke about wearing a mask and urged people not to wear masks unless they need to because they need fresh air or they will heavily get sick.

Covid-19 requires people to wear masks in order to alleviate the spread of the virus.

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Killer Kau Rha


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