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The return of SLIK TALK?

With Ari Lennox and Mac G still trending on Twitter last week, the tweet is curious what Slik Talk thinks about this whole situation. YouTubers are notorious for not using nudity tricks, especially when referring to celebrities. Tweezers can only imagine what Slick would say to Ari Lennox after calling out the farmers in particular. 

 Slik Talk went missing (missing) after fighting rapper Cassper Nyovest. I'm just curious what the terms of his contract are. Or are you enjoying Rand 100,000 and paying off your student debt? 

 Not sure, but one thing is for sure. When he returns, he will do his best. 

 Tweeps wants to make a comeback sooner so they can share their thoughts with American musician Ari Lennox. The last slick talk video was filmed last month after the FameVsClout boxing match on December 22, 2021. He said, “I would like to applaud Kasper Njovest, his manager, and the entire organization of Gap Entertainment for their professionalism. These people maintained a high level of professionalism, which I appreciate. occurs. I've been making videos for over 2 years, and it's been popular several times. After that, the first people I thought were dead call me. That's how big it is." Slick Talk applauded. 

 - When he looked into my eyes he saw someone in this ring ready to die. I will not leave this ring without money. Guys, I got the money.” 

 But his fans love this Ari Lennox vs. I wonder why he went to AWOL because his service will be appreciated in the Black Twitter fight. She says everything is her karma and she comes back to bite her. MacG asked her if she had had sex with her at the moment and she was shocked. She said of her anger: Why did no one intervene? And why weren't parts of the interview destroyed as the team promised? Why did this happen in the first place? I feel slow, ambushed, and blind.” 

 - But damn it! I hope no one pities me. I'm tired of that story. exhausted. I'm fine, I promise, but I won't give any more about the interview. There are already enough lives and interviews.” 

 Ari said she wanted to get kicked out of the record company, and that the MacG interview was the icing on the cake. Without removing the video in which she was asked about her sexual orientation.


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