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24 Beautiful Pictures Of Resego Travi

Television moderator Resego Travi was harmed after planners considered her a "fat blast"


South African creators have been blamed for mishandling customers and referring to her as "fat" in view of their weight.

Taking Twitter, SABC's Trending SA have, Lesego Tlhabi, composed a string regarding how she was mishandled by architects.

She states: "So today I'm for TV, so I went to a renowned originator who let me know my size ahead of time. In the wake of neglecting to take a stab at, he hollered at the store that I had nothing. Might you want to proclaim and utilize words like "fat blast" to clarify what I resemble in a plan? "

Hurt as she was, Tlhabi promptly named the planner and didn't embarrass him.

Be that as it may, she was unable to keep it any longer and kicked out Quiteria Kekana, a previous accomplice of the popular design pair Quiteria and George.

Heyi I'm harmed af. Also obviously, it's for work, so I really want to shake it off. Your day can truly be destroyed in light of the fact that you are a young lady that no other person can comprehend. The business in a real sense doesn't need us.It's wild


"In reality, no. It's Quiteria and George. What occurs from that point is on me. It was poo. On the off chance that I lose this open door, I lose it. From that point I'll wear it Hmm. Furthermore that was simply the "Q," "Tlhabi said.

Tweepe fixed Tlhabi that Quiteria and George does not exist anymore.

I realize you are harmed and furious, obviously. Be that as it may, Quiteria and George split a couple of years prior. How Q said or treated you isn't needed and he ought to be held (just) responsible without undermining George's profession.

The pair split in May 2019 and Quiteria Kekana sent off his style mark Quiteria Atelier.

Kekana utilized Instagram to make a live video clarifying the entire test.

He clarified that he would not hack up the words, compose an assertion, and surely apologize.

"She is lying, it's a maligning of her character. I see you settle on a choice. The reality of the situation is that I'm not going to apologize to anybody whenever. "Kekana said.

Kekana proceeded to say that her mom was additionally size 42.

"Everybody, fat is certifiably not an awful word. I wish I had called her fat straightforwardly, yet it wasn't," he said.

He hadn't conversed with Tlhabi and guaranteed he had never considered her a "fat blast."

He likewise took steps to sue everybody on his divider who accepted he truly referred to her as "fat."

Television moderator Resego Travi was harmed after creators considered her a "fat blast"

TV moderator Resego Travi was harmed after originators considered her a "fat blast"

Content created and supplied by: Mathebula (via Opera News )

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