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VIDEO: Nandi Madiba shows her new haircut. She will be going to Durban July with it

Nandi Madiba debut her new haircut ahead of the Durban July, which it was unticipated. It was not good the previous year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have to be more prepared for the day and wear beautiful fashion so that it will be showcased in the media and who was the most beautiful or handsome person on the day.


But then other people find it very hard to understand why other people are wearing their expensive fashion in a place where horses are running. Nandi Madiba surely can't wait for the day and she is one person who has been rocking short haircuts more than other people. She is very consistent with a short haircut and has to trust her barber to get the best haircut.

Musa Khuwula had also tweeted something very huge about Nandi's husband, Zakes Bantwini. From what he tweeted, Zakes is keeping some huge secret that she does not know about. That would be very difficult for someone who is excited to attend the Durban July and has just gotten a new haircut. When it comes to Nadia and Zakes, they have been on the good side and have not been trending for something that is bad.


Nandi Madiba is happier with the new look, but it is not entirely different from the previous ones. It is about the creativity of the barber and what she wants to have. She deserves an award for not having weaved and just getting a good haircut that is beautiful. She has all the beautiful haircuts she has had from the beginning and they were trending. She has pictures of those haircuts.


That is consistency and she knows what she wants. She is not following the crowd or a wave of a certain hairstyle or cut. It is no secret that many other women are unsure of what their favorite hairstyle will be. People who enjoy getting their hair cut relieved that they do not have to change to wear a weave. If you love a Toyota, don't listen to the people who are criticizing your car.

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