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Top 3 Tricks Actors Use To Shed Tears In Movies.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to cry whenever you want? I'm sure you've seen characters in many movies and television shows cry and shed what appear to be real tears. This makes us want to cry with them at times!

I did some research and was relieved to learn that those tears are always produced and that the performers rarely cry for real, with the exception of one technique. Let's get right to the point and see what tricks were used.

They employ a device known as a tear blower or tear puffer in the first trick. It's a tiny hand-held cylinder that fires a single puff of menthol-laced air into the actor's eye. The clear plastic tube is spring-loaded and held primed until the actor pulls the trigger. In the injured eye, the puff causes quick tears.

The capacity of the director to hide the device from the camera so that the spectators do not see it is necessary, as is the ability to puff both eyes at the same time.

A substance known as tear stick or menthol stick is used in the second trick they use. It's a wax stick packaged in a conventional lipstick tube with menthol as the main component.

When an actor places a steak of wax next to his or her eye, the eye floods, resulting in a flow of tears that the actor can use in the performance.

The last trick seems rather natural, as the actor cries up in front of the camera. The actor is simply recalling a tragic event from his or her personal life. The director gives the actor a few minutes to retrieve the memories of a family death, for example, before having him speak the needed lines while crying.

I'm sure you'll remember that information the next time you watch a movie.

Thanks for reading.

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