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Lehasa Under Hot Water After His Secrets Gets Revealed

Lehasa Under Hot Water After His Secrets Gets Revealed

The way Lehasa always undermines people! Today he got a taste of his own medicine. Nothile's family is out line. Success is not only based on qualifications. Lehasa has achieved his success. Not Nothile's parents grilling Lehasa yah, this is what he gets for blocking Pretty. Nothile girl took lehasa to a vacation sport her parents goes to? I think she wanted her parents to meet her boyfriend ,this was deliberately orchestrated.

I have never seen Lehasa being belittled like that before. Nothile's parents are dealing with Lehasa accordingly. But the family knows without education that means he build his empire with some thing shady, I hope you hear my point

I know people who have degrees but they are not using those Bsc degrees for a living but rather run legitimate businesses. Lehasa has a PhD in stealing other people's things.

That Nothile's family is so strange they even put thier daughter's ex fiance's picture. They are looking suspicious towards Maphosa. I am also afraid that when he is mingling up with his new lover parents on their launch they will be disturbed by the news of Pretty's pregnancy. . Nothile is too big for her own boots I mean just a night and the following day she moves in with her big bag. She is already playing happy family, within a week a vacation to where they meet with the parents and introduce I don't even wanna know what's next coz I already know it's not good , who does that anyway

The way Lehasa is so in love with Nothile he has even became a softie. Whatever Nothile says he just agrees with anything. He even cancelled that braai imagine. I don't think Lehasa and Nothile will last the way I see it, they're are not even cute together there's no that thing, that spark in their relationship. 

The Maphosa's ancestors are working overtime... The abortion plan is not going well. First it was the protest at the abortion clinic, the money, load shedding & now her pregnancy is at an advanced stage for abortion. You are right, it must the Maphosa's ancestors 

Mzansi wished that Pretty should keep the baby a secret until it is born ....then after it is born show up at Lehasa door step with the child... demand child support nd sue Lehasa for emotional trauma ...booom Mantuli will get her double storyy. Lehasa's relationships always blows off, besides his money and pride the guy never enjoyed his love life to the fullest it's always a mess. May Nothile Mavimbela come to his rescue .

Preety got the chance to speak to Lehasa and she didn't get straight to the point just to say I'm pregnant, I was so cross about that, I know she's nervous, Nothile girl set the record straight she doesn't want kids so it could be Preety, s chance to win over Lehasa, s heart despite the drama that happened between them.and her brothers 

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