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Why So Rude, Hollywood: 5 Times Celebs Were Fired From Sets For Being Drama Queens

More often than we would care to admit, it’s the behind the scenes drama that excites us more than what’s happening on screen. These celebs had it all. They lost it all because of teir spoilt brat attitude.

1. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was at the prime of his career when he starred in Chuck Lorre’s Two & A Half Men. But the actor started to go bat-sh*t crazy after 2001. He started doing drugs and made incessant anti-Semitic remarks against Chuck Lorre. Lorre became fed up with the actor and persuaded the network to fire him, replacing him with Ashton Kutcher in Season 9. Sheen managed to get a fatter paycheck after starring in his own show Anger Management.

2. Valerie Harper

It’s not always we see the lead actor who plays the character the show is literally named after get fired from the show. Valerie Harper starred in the hit series Valerie. In what could only be called the most abrupt end of a TV actor’s career, Harper was fired form her own show due to contract re-negotiations. The network execs said she was demanding too much. Valerie Harper was adamant that she was only trying to iron out the benefits she was eventually going to get. She later won a lawsuit against the network and was awarded around 2 Million dollars.

3. Nicollette Sheridan

Out of all the actors in the show, Nicollette Sheridan was probably the greatest drama queen. After her character was killed off, she went on a rampage. It was only after Creator Marc Cherry intervened and revealed her exceptionally bad on-set attitude that the trial was dismissed. Sheridan was out of a job and desperate for work.

4. Roseanne Bar

The actor was in visible stress after her show was cancelled by ABC. That was probably because of a very unfortunate mishap that outed her as a closet racist. In a tweet, she compared Valerie Jarrett, a Black woman working for the Obama Administration, to an ape. The network’s actions were prompt and swift. Even the agency representing her – ICM Partners, terminated their contract with her.

5. Paula Deen

The Southern Diva’s Food Network show was cancelled after she admitted using racial slurs in the past. Things took a turn for the worse when a former employee filed a lawsuit against her, claiming racial and sexual discrimination. The celeb lost almost all her brand endorsements in a matter of days.

6. Alec Baldwin

Baldwin was to his fan base at his time what Keanu Reeves is to us today. He was THE Hollywood heart-throb at the peak of his career. After he hurled homophobic slurs against a photographer, MSNBC promptly cancelled his show – Up Late With Alec Baldwin in late 2013. Thankfully his career is on a rebound as of late.

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