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Samantha Gives Qondanisa Taste Of His Own Medicine After She Made Big Confession In #MnakwethuHEA

Mzansi Is Left Stitched After Samantha Gives Qondanisa Taste Of His Own Medicine After She Made Big Confession In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter


Source: Hashtag #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter

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Samantha makes a big confession in a meeting with Qondanisa. It's MamMchunu minding her business for me. Ladies and gentlemen, how can we not be proud of Samantha and MaMhlongo after the best scene they have just given us. 

I love how Samentha is showing Qondanisa flames live on national tv. Samantha is standing up for all roses who have had their thorns chipped in the name of looking cute for culture. She doesn’t own anyone wife material please. 

Qondanisa is not the victim lapha , the day he stepped out and brought Samantha in the equation is when he crossed the line. All of this is just payback. Qondanisa has met his match in Samantha, that time he has a child with the other woman. Samantha should host a women's conference and give tips. Qondanisa is looking like an insecure, confused hamster.

The nerve of Qondanisa for asking my Queen MaMchunu that question like that he is the president Cheaterville. MaMchunu is a good liar, she is definitely in a relationship with someone else besides Qondanisa. You should have seen the way she was laughing.

Samantha should learn as a woman to have secrets that only her and her God knows. Unless she wanted an excuse out of this marriage. She has given him the taste of his own medicine. Thank god for the cameras because we were worried about what Qondanisa would have done to Samantha. 

Not qondnisa saying all woman are the same, men really can't take what they dish out. Qondanisa so disrespectful his telling Samentha his dating another girl and is gonna marry her whether she likes it or not. Qondanisa scared of being cheated on while he has another woman who he has a child with. Qondanisa is scared that his wives might be cheating and he already knows the truth. Not long ago he was the one busy looking for a third wife. 


All polygamous men deserve a wife like Samantha. The men are really disrespecting the women they are married to. When they glorify their actions, while other man's who are not married and in relationships are feeling the brunt of these turds. No wonder, they came up with this hash tag "men are trash". 

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