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Husband and wife relationship

Mnakwethu’s Makhosi receives help and donations from women.

This week’s episode of Mnakwethu was by far the saddest one and it left many people emotional.

Controversial Polygamy show Mnakwethu is one of the most talked about. Every week people comment about it’s discrimination and demeanour against most married women. Hosted by polygamist Musa Mseleku the show is without a doubt one of the most watched and to everyone’s surprise, yesterday’s episode took an unexpected turn. The first wife refused to welcome the new wife and her reasons got everyone emotional. She stated that she is being abused emotionally by her husband and he doesn’t support her financially. On top of all this the husband did not finish paying lobola for her yet he went behind her back and paid lobola for the new pregnant wife. Musa was shocked to learn all this and supported the first wife’s decision to leave the toxic marriage. As if this wasn’t enough, the new wife was extremely disrespectful towards Musa and Makhosi ( The 1st wife).

The state she left in was heartbreaking as she mentioned that she is unable to support herself financially and this lead to many women searching for her so they can assist where they can. Some offered her a job so she could start afresh while others are willing to donate to her. A community of supportive women called “ladies house” on Facebook were able to trace her and find her details so people who would like to help may assist. Big ups to these women for fighting for their own but most importantly big up to Makhosi “Mashelembe” for standing her ground and teaching other women that it is ok to leave a toxic marriage.

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Makhosi Mnakwethu Musa Mseleku


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