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Mokgadi Matloga is sinking like a boat in Skeem Saam see what will happen

Finally Sergent Babeile closed kelebogile kgomo's case after Leeto Maputla tells him that he might end his career if he proceed to harrassing community, everybody congratulate sergeant Babeile for a good job,it seems like they will just to another case of Noah Matloga for burning factory and killing Koloi's mother.

Mokgadi is worried about Noah and Leeto at the same time, because Leeto Maputla proceed with devorce and Noah is going court , Mokgadi really wants to fix things between her and Leeto Maputla but he does not want to give Mokgadi a second chance ,Noah blames himself for everything because if Noah was not there challenges would never be there in their marriage.

Marry Matloga is the one who made things worse because she never let Leeto and Mokgadi fix their own problem ,she always show up especially when Noah makes mistakes nor Mokgadi fights with Leeto that is why Leeto decided to devorce Mokgadi.

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