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Teko Modise Slapped With Legal Papers By Former Lover

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Teko Modise and Lizelle Tabane had been on and off dating back in 2013. The pair got engaged the equal year and the former soccer player paid lobola for Lizelle. When things went south, Teko reportedly demanded her own family pay back his lobola.

Model Lizelle Tabane has now announced that she served her ex-fiancé, former South African football player Teko Modise with a letter of demand through an Instagram publish today (13 December) after he claimed she falsely accused him of abuse.

Teko turned into being accused of physically abusing Lizelle in 2014. The former footballer went to Podcast and Chill with MacG lately and claimed that Lizelle used some pictures, from someone else who abused her to accuse him of physical abuse.

“I recall while we started relationship there have been photos on her telephone. I suppose any person abused her or something like that. She had scars and all of that stuff, proper. So when we broke up she took the same pictures, the identical photographs went to the media and stated I was beating her up,” said Teko.

“It was frightening because at the time I was nonetheless having endorsements. It was very poisonous for me. But besides that, she is a lovely person, a lovely woman,” he persisted.

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