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NICE TIMES: Steve Harvey enjoys his lifestyle on a boat

Steve Harvey enjoys life more than he could have imagined, and it comes from just keeping on doing the same thing from the beginning. He had haters when he said he wanted to be on television, and he is now a man who is respected throughout the entire world. A classic man from the beginning of his hustling moments without big moves.

He is having a good time on a boat with sunglasses. When it comes to them on a vacation, he does not disappoint, and it sets the mood very well. They give him all the best moments while it is sunny. Some people are wearing them for swagger, and it is not just for the sun.


He keeps motivating people on his show and how it is simple to get where you want, but you have to also realise what you are passionate and enthusiastic about. He does not forget that you should also work very hard, and it does not come because you have realised it.

He is a gentleman at all times, and while he is on the boat, he is so concerned with having a classical picture that will resemble his good lifestyle as a man who enjoyed his lifestyle to the fullest. If you have someone who despises you, stay focused and let them talk about how much they wont see you winning. He came from it and used it as motivation for good purposes.



1. Christo: When I grow up, I want to be like you.

2. Hlami: It is soft lifestyle.

3. Edward: Steve you are a luck man.

4. Denelis: Water is so clear and looking fake. Beautiful life.

5. Frank: You are the Boss.

He does not want the negative energy because it will hold him back and cause him to lose his purpose, which will not give him the best lifestyle through his life. Being able to take a vacation anytime you want is a beautiful thing you would want on your side. A good lifestyle starts anytime you have it. Life is about enjoying it.

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Steve Harvey


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