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Tonight On #HouseOfZwide| Nkosi Realises That The Man In His Nightmares Taking Baby Zobuhle Is Isaac


The Truth Is About To Come Out. Nkosi Now Remembers Seeing Isaac Taking Zobuhle The Night Of The Fire

Tonight Nkosi will meet Isaac and remember him in his dreams and everything will come back. Nkosi will have a nightmare after seeing Isaac. The nightmare is about the horrific night when his family home was set alight. The nightmare will be clear. It will show that the man in his nightmares taking baby Zobuhle is Isaac.

He will then tell Funani and Dorothy only. Then after that Funani will remember his mother's words when she told him that Ona is a Zwide. They will then plan to get Ona's brush and toothbrush and conduct DNA tests which will reveal Ona's true identity. The Truth will be revealed and Ona will be where she belongs.

Funani thought Zobuhle burnt to ashes the day their house was burnt from the fire. Not knowing that Isaac took his daughter who happens to be Ona.

Faith will just be in trouble because she will have to hide behind lies. She got away with a lot of things. It is true when they say every dog has its day.


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