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DBN Gogo is in love. Who is the lucky guy?

It has become a norm for all South African celebrities to hide their lovelife. Some do come in the open with their patners while some do not. It is a good thing to not have your lovelife known in the public when you are a celebrity because there will come a time where things will go sour and the whole country will know about it. There are some people who will make jokes of it and find that at the end those jokes tear you apart. Isn't it nice to break up with a person and find healing then that is when you can talk about everything with that one person you trust?

DBN Gogo has never said anything about her being in love or dating with any guy. She has revealed everything but not her lovelife as she feels its her secret and her own private matter that she cannot share with the public. A lot of people have been asking themselves if she is seeing someone or she is single at the moment. Well, here is the answer you have been looking for.

Today DBN Gogo wrote on this on Twitter "We came here to find me an outfit and shoes and now he’s the one shopping while I wait on the couch”

This is proof that the DJ is seeing someone no matter how much she can try and deny it even with justification. Everyone has been talking about this as it came as a shock because no one knew her personal life and its for the first time she posted a post or tweep about a guy she is dating.

DBN Gogo has her own reasons why she doesn't want her man known in public and it is a decision that I believe they took together as a couple and the media and everyone else should respect that decision.

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