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Opinion - So how far do we go with cancelling R Kelly?

So how far do we go with cancelling his music?

Do we cancel the collabs and the movies that he wrote music for?

All those Tyler Perry movies that use his music and Tyler are also going in the bin?

Do we also cancel the people who collaborated with him?

Do we stop watching those movies also?

Do we cancel all Universal Records music because they published his songs and continue to profit from them?

Do we cancel BET and the Grammys that awarded him for all these songs?

I just want to understand whether EVERYBODY who gained and profited from R Kelly and his music is also going into the dustbin?

In addition I think canceling is or should be a personal decision.

I for one cannot stomach listening to his music anymore, it's the sound of his voice that I just cannot and I tried to rather listen to where he's featured and I still cannot stomach even those songs so my cancelation goes as far as I do not fux with his voice.

I will not do the labor of finding out which songs he wrote and produced so those ones I'll most likely still long as I don't hear HIM.

Cancel culture is very intricate. Its proponents don't seem to have a complete grasp of it. Artists' body of work is intertwined with others'.

Forget about Universal Music, for a bit. The question you asked about collaborations is key. What about his compositions? Do we now talk of collateral damage? Where people must suffer because they did some work with him, for him and he did work for them?

It's a lot more complicated than just shouting "cancel R. Kelly".

FTR: I've never been a fan, so I have no dilemma here!😉

please let like share and discuss....

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