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ENCA Cameraman Becomes A Laughing Stock After Doing This Live On TV

Members of the public cannot stop laughing on social media after what they saw which was an incident where an eNCA cameraman was focusing on the wrong thing when he was doing his job that day, and it is believed that they were doing a shooting.

The journalist was basically reading out the news and describing the area and pointing towards the road when the cameraman shifted the focus and capture the area for their viewers, but he was mostly focusing on the woman who was walking on the road.

However despite all the efforts and the time that passed for the cameraman to realize that he was basically losing focus, he never stopped he continued to video-graph the only thing which was the woman passing in the area.

The cameraman couldn’t take his eyes as well as the camera off her and he was basically shooting her as she passed by them, until she disappeared around the corner in a very hilarious way that has never been seen before.

The cameraman was completely caught up in that moment that he failed to realize that he had completely lost focus and was focusing the camera on a woman, for the entire time the journalist was reading out the news.

This has completely made members of the public laugh at the incident because they do recognize that the cameraman was distracted, most people do get distracted however we did not expect a cameraman of a news agency to get distracted like that.

We tend to see a lot of things happen especially with the news agencies we have seen incidences where they have been mugged on live TV while still reading out news, and there is also another common occurrence where they encounter ordinary members of the public.

Who like to distract them by either dancing or flashing signs for their friends at home while they are broadcasting live, and in other incidents the newscaster also has to deal with members of the public who got in front of the camera while it was rolling live.

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