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Ifalami|StepMother Denies She Does Not Know Child Out Of Wedlock-Heres what Happens

Stepmother denies she does not know child out if wedlock

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Ifalami is a TV programme that deals with inheritance of the left behinds.

A lot of family members whenever there is a deceased they just want to grab everything that does not belong to them.

On this episode we look at the situation of Thandi whose father passed away and she was a child out of wedlock .

It is very sad for her because she says that all the other children except her have received their share to the inheritance of their father even those who are out of wedlock as well.

It is very sad because she also wanted a share from her father's hardwork.

When she went to approach her stepmother about this whole matter,she got angry of why she brought cameras to her house.

As they sat down ,the Stepmother denied that she does not know Thandi and that she has never seen her before.

Thandi provided all the proof to her that she is the daughter of the late however she sticked to her word that she did not know her.

The lawyers and financial advisers of Moja love advised her and told her that she has equal rights to the share of her father.

In this kind of situation there are so many people who are going through this where by people just want to take everything of the deceased that does not belong to them.

That is why the adviser of old mutual adviced people that it is very important for them to make wills while they are still alive so that when they are dead things will be much easy and simple for everyone that is left behind.

What do you think of this whole situation of ifalami?

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