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- [OPINION]Top 5 Most Adult rated and Explicit Movies Ever

5. 365 DNI

365 dni or 365 days, has left the audience all bothered with so many steamy scenes. This erotic, romantic drama is about a relationship that goes even way beyond love and you would witness multiple, "lovemaking"and intercourse-filled plots in it, which makes the movie comparrablewith Fifty Shades Of Grey.

4. Below Her Mouth

The title, Below Her Mouth, itself, is provocative and provides a genuine idea about the concept of this particular film. However, just in case you want to know a bit more about it then the movie based on erotic romance, which is about a lesbian couple who embark on a erotic and steamy love affair. Watch the trailer, before you decide to watch the film.

3. Ragini MMS (Series)

Ragini MMS is not just the scariest movie made but it is also a combination of a lot of steamy and adult rated scenes, which will definitely make you feel all awkward if your parents are around.

2. Matrubhoomi

The movie talks explicitly on the subject of intercourse atrocities that are faced by the women of rural India, Matrubhoomi is definitely a must watch movie in this list. This non-commercial movie is the first feature film based on female infanticide, which is quite noteworthy and real. You should watch this now, just not when your parents around.

1. Masti (Series)

Masti as a series became a fun fest. Even though the first season was hilarious, the next ones just deteriorated to the extent of including vulgar scenes which were just unnecessary. While the plot is quite funny and hilarious, the movie is a garden of adult scenes with double meaning dialogues, which you should just avoid watching with your parents and make sure you are alone.

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