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Some girls can’t handle rejection, what Makopano did was very disrespectful #Giantsofthecity.

It has been a very nice journey since the beginning of the season until today on season finale. A lot happened in tha short space of time. On tonight’s episode Khuli is our beautiful host.

Makopano is sour just because Finzo doesn’t want her, they don’t even look good together. The girl is too forward. From the beginning ever since Makopano was introduced to DJ Finzo she has always liked him soo much. She even lied about wanting driving lessons knowing very well that’s an excuse of wanting to with Finzo. Finzo has always made it clear that he is not into short people, all of a sudd Makopane is feeling Shaded because of her dwarfism. People have preferences She must stop being bitter.

I’m not a crying type aneh, but every time Hloni opens up about her story. I wanna hug her. Apparently Hloni has bee trying to conceive for years now and unfortunately she has been failing dismally. Above all it is how Hloni’s partner loves her regardless of her condition. Hloni even got engaged on the show and she couldn’t be happier.

 I hope Juda finds the one who will relakaly love him. This girl is going to hurt him. He seems like he genuinely loves. As we saw from the jump where Juda was introduced, he went out with this random girl who happen not to love him as she said she has a boyfriend. After all outings he took her too and all the gift he bought her and this is how she thank him.

Kutlwano knows she was just there for the fame and free things. She knows that she was leading the poor guy on.

Not Gutu and Anele laughing at Juda affairs, that’s rich coming from them. Guru cheated on Anele repeatedly and was caught right handed and he has a nerve to laugh about such situations.


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