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Horror tombstone which scary, the grave raises many questions and people wants what's happening

Image:Source Facebook

Content by Bongiwe Shange

The scary tombstone ever which literally angers and makes fun to other people. It's sad to see these stories which normally can be not true.

This could be a imagination image of the dream which some people dream colour and how the shape looks like. If this was the real tombstone no one can pass the grave yard with such tombstone.

It happens horror television movies sometimes showcase such scary objects. This is to ensure the movie becomes more interesting and can show how the ending looks like.

This is how people got to respond to the post, they reacted to the Facebook post with opinions.

@Liam Grave for a suspected vampire very common in Eastern Europe during medieval times

@Noel People were determined to protect the grave of newly deceased friends and relatives.The rich could afford heavy table tombstone's,vaults mausoleums and iron cages and graves

@Karrianne This is really sad story ,parent who abuse their daughter didn't want to leave the flower in her grave can cause hatred

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