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JubJub on Kelly Khumalo That She’s Using Muti: All Men Dating Her Dies or Get Into Trouble, he Said

Molemo Maarohanye aka Jub Jub's forthcoming interview with MacG is trending on Instagram and Tiktok. Clearly, the juicy facts Jub Jub has brought to the surface in the show's promotional film regarding Kelly Khumalo is what has piqued the curiosity of the majority of viewers.

A podcast is yet another way to entertain, amuse, and educate. We've seen how most prominent celebrities get to be themselves on these podcasts by taking us on their love journeys and, of course, how their professions evolved. Like a television show, most podcasts are in the form of a series. One that is currently trendy is MacG co-hosting with Sol on YouTube and Channel O.

During the late hours of Friday, MacG took to Instagram as usual, providing us a sneak peek of a forthcoming interview with Jub Jub, which will air or be available online on December 1st.

The remarks made by Jub Jub sparked the greatest discussion. The film showed him claiming Kelly Khumalo is using Muti, and he continued by asking why all of the men she dated were into trouble of some kind, while some died.

On his first statement, he can be heard saying: I was invited to the podcast and we all know what is happening on podcasts, I am not going to filter anything, I have files of everybody including the hosts and definitely Kelly Is Using Muti.

People are curious, and they want to know more. Obviously, some sought to defend Kelly Khumalo on Tiktok's statement, while Jub Jub's gang tried to make a good argument to protect him.

Most backed Jub Jub, saying he was not wrong to do so; Kelly Khumalo dragged his name in so many interviews, and no one said anything about it; why would they want to identify him otherwise in this position when he now wants to tell his side of the story?

I mean, I couldn't agree with you more because, well, the tables have turned, and they have turned so badly that it is now terrible for Kelly's admirers. She told her version of the tale and leveled charges, just like Jub Jub.

What do you think?

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