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Take a look at the reasons why Ferguson films keep on firing actors.

Take a look at the reasons why Ferguson films keep on firing actors.

The Ferguson's production is notoriously known for firing actors. The reason behind this was mostly questioned by many when they will be firing actors like nobody's business. 

The entertainment industry is not the easy way in to finally get your breakthrough that you have been hoping for. You may see actors and actresses entertaining as nearly each day on the tv screens, but if you can really get one and ask how hard or is it is they will tell you that it takes many rejections and hard work to make it in the industry. 

They will tell you that the rejections that they come upon are not an easy thing to swallow, particularly in such a limited industry such as in South African acting industry. As a new actor or actress, you find those that have extra experience than you in the audition line and it becomes hard for many as they will favor to take experience than to groom and no talent. 

In this plenty draining industry you have to cope with a lot extra matters than expected, you have to cope with the directors, producers, and other actors onset. Some of the actors which have been fired by the Ferguson film are Vutiswa Ndara, and Mara Louw. 

The Ferguson have allegedly come under fire plenty on social media due to the way they supposedly ill-treat their actors and actresses. There are many actors and actresses that were under their production, but they were shown the door and later came out and mentioned the remedy that they experience at the Ferguson film. 

Vutiswa was under this production on the telenovela IGazi. She wishes forwarded and wrote an open letter to the minister of arts and culture about the expectation she single-handedly experienced at the hands of the Ferguson. The declare that the salary wasn't sufficient for the that she was playing on the show. The show was then cancelled after this complaint and all actors and actresses on the show lost their jobs. 

Then we come to Mara Louw, she's was on another Ferguson production telenovela The Queen, she was allegedly fired out of nowhere, she in addition even stated that the Ferguson blacklisted her. He alleged that purpose for being fired was that she complained about the earnings. Unfortunately, she was fired after complaining about the earnings. 

Another actress who was fired by the Ferguson was Dineo Moeketsi. On the above list we can also add the stunning actress Dineo Moeketsi who performed the role of Kea and The Queen, which was later killed off a character all of sudden by the Ferguson. When requested on social media why was she fired from the show, she discovered that she complained about the earnings too.

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