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"Picture quality and lighting change everything" Mzansi reacts after seeing Jessica Nkosi's picture

Image quality can refer to the level of accuracy with which different imaging systems capture, process, store, compress, transmit, and display the signals that form an image. Another definition refers to image quality as "the weighted combination of all of the visually significant attributes of an image".


Jessica Nkosi's picture was taken outside the Durban July festival.

don't have the same quality as if the one was taken in the room. Indeed, lighting and picture quality play an important role. But fans did not see any problems. Because everthing make sense. 


I posted the first tweet to highlight how stunning Jessica Nkosi and her outfit were today. Please don't use it to be mean.


She just needed to pull the dress down so the curves part doesn't sit on her waist, making her belly look bigger and her curves look smaller. She should've fixed her train to show off the whole dress.


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Durban Mzansi


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