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Artists Who Allagedly Hate Their Own Hit Songs

Lorde 'Royals'

'Royals' introduced a New Zealand girl to the world, but Lorde is now an adult who looks back on her teenage years with regret. I mean, it's understandable. 

"I get why it succeeded and why it was a smash; I can see those things in it," she says, "but there's a part of me that's like..." "These melodies are just not as good as anything I could have written now," she grumbled, explaining to The Music, "or like 'I absolutely wouldn't have written this lyric this way if I had written it now." 

"It's starting to feel like an antique now." 

She told the New York Times in 2021, ahead of the release of her third album Solar Power, that she did not expect to have another success as huge.

"What a hopeless case. What do you think? I'm not fooling myself. That was a moonshot, to say the least "she stated 

Pink 'Dont let me get me'

Pink's song 'Don't Let Me Get Me,' about feeling insecure, was published in 2001, but by 2012, it had become the song she despised singing. 

She told the Los Angeles Times, "I wish I could burn the song and never sing it again."

Elton John, 'Crocodile Rock'.

In May 2021, Elton John appeared on the Deeney Talks podcast, saying: "I'm going to have a party the last time I have to sing 'Crocodile Rock.' It was written in the style of a pastiche, as if it were a joke." 

After his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour finishes in 2023, he declared he will never perform the song again. 

"And it became a great hit, and people love to sing along to it, so who am I to say, "I'm not going to play it," because I play to entertain and amuse people. But I have to admit that after the final show of the tour, I will never sing the song again." 

He revealed in 2018 that he has been weary of singing for a long time.

"There are certain songs when you say to yourself, 'Ugh, I have to f***in' sing that one again,'" he stated. "However, the audience enjoys it, and, as they say, it's a guilty pleasure."

Katy Perry, 'I Kissed a Girl'.

Okay, Katy Perry doesn't despise her first hit track, but if she had the chance, she would redo it because it hasn't aged well. 

"Conversationally, we've definitely transformed in the last 10 years," she told Glamour in 2018, a decade after the film's debut. "We've come a long way," says the narrator. Bisexuality, like any other form of fluidity, was not widely discussed at the time. 

"If I had to rewrite that song, I'd probably make some changes." There are a handful of stereotypes in the lyrics. In ten years, your mind changes a lot and you mature a lot. What you believe to be true can change."

Ariana Grande, 'Put Your Hearts Up' and 'Touch It'.

Ariana Grande will be thrilled if you aren't familiar with her debut single, 'Put Your Hearts Up.' 

While starring in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious, Grande released the song in 2011 for a possible teen-oriented pop album, but eventually disowned it. 

The song felt "inauthentic and false," Ariana Grande told Rolling Stone, adding that it was oriented toward children and that she despised the music video. 

"They gave me a horrible spray tan, dressed me up as a princess, and had me cavort around the street for the video. It was a scene straight out of hell. It still gives me nightmares, and I made them take it down from my Vevo website "she said

Kanye West 'Gold digger'

'Gold Digger' is one of Kanye West's initial hits, and it was the sole purpose for its release. 

Although the song garnered him a No. 1 and a Grammy in 2005, it isn't his favorite. It turns out he wrote the song for a female rapper, with the chorus penned in the first person by a woman: "I'm not sayin' I'm a gold digger," and so on. 

When Shawnna dropped the song off her debut album, West reworked it to make sure it didn't go to waste. 

In 2013, he told Zane Lowe, "I never really loved that song, but I knew I'd get compensated for recording 'Gold Digger.'"

Zayn Malik, pretty much... all of One Direction's music.

Zayn Malik told Fader after leaving One Development in 2015 that he didn't love any of the music the band recorded and had no say in its direction. 

"In the band, there was never any room for me to do new things. If I sang a somewhat R&B or myself hook or verse, it would always be recorded 50 times until there was a straight version that was pop, generic as f***, that they could use. I wasn't really sold on the music. It wasn't my fault, "he stated


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