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Another Tragedy Hits South African Television In The Form Of Siyacela (Opinion)

Another Tragedy Hits South African Television In The Form Of Siyacela (Opinion)


Siyacela Dlamuka of Isencane engine on Moja love channel 157, was married to Thando although they were still 16 years old. He informed viewers he was ready for marriage and wouldn’t leave Thando. They got married in the first season of their program in 2019.

In this second season, Siyacela has displayed a pretty disrespectful side to him. The young man has no regard for anybody not even himself that’s why he quit school after all. He disrespects his father’s wives and brothers it was unpleasant to observe when he showed no respect for his maternal grandma.

In last night’s episode, Siyacela was out grooving and had left his wife at home for 8 days. He didn’t take her calls or even phone her to tell her his whereabouts. The young spouse said his new girlfriend provides him attention and appreciated him.

Siyacela would desire more attention because he has nothing better to do with his time. He is unemployed and a school drops out in fact he is not even qualified to squander time.

Bab Dlamuka has made the name ” Sthuphethu” a household name on this show. However, who would have imagined Siyacela fitted it perfectly? Each Saturday this young couple illustrates why they shouldn’t be married.

Before they were married Siyacela always spoke of “Night Service”, he made it plain it was the sole reason for him to be married. He has come to know there’s more to marriage than “night service” and he can no longer deliver. Probably Thando will quit this marriage in due time because in all fact she deserves better.


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