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Check Out Black Coffee's R39K Travis Scott Jordan 1s Low Sneakers

Black Coffee has achieved what most would deem as impossible but he has transcended borders of South africa to the world and today is celebrated as global superstar the 46 year old DJ from KZN is at the peak of his career right now , he is always traveling the world to perform at the biggest venues getting paid in dollars , euro and all the other currencies of the countries he performs at , so its safe to say that he is rich and can afford to buy the most expensive things his heart desires.

As he has proven over the past years with expensive purchases from cars , clothes and sneakers. Black Coffee is a sneaker and can be often spotted wearing the most expensive and exclusive sneaker in the world like the air jordan 1s diors that made the headlines in south africa because of its hefty price tag.

Well Black Coffee is at it again with an exclusive sneaker that is very rare the Travis Scott and Air Jordan 1s low collaboration with fragements , the dj was celebrating his Grammy nomination recently and posted a picture on his social media and in the picture he is wearing the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s low fragements which costs a hefty price tag but for Black Coffee its attainable.

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Black Coffee Check Out Grammy Travis Scott Jordan


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