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Good news| The cast of Muvhango will return to work but only on one condition

By Nhlanhla Maseko 

The cast Muvhango stands at loosing jobs if they decide to not follow what is being proposed Duma Ndlovu being the creator of the show.

Muvhango is a South African show created by the mentioned Duma Ndlovu that airs on SABC 2. It is a show that tells a story of life both in the city and in the villages. The show consists of actors and actresses such as Gabriel Temudzani, Zonke Mcunu, MacDonald Ndou, Dingaan Khumalo and many more. Things have not been going well for the actors and actresses of the show as they have been sitting at home and have not been paid for months. The good is that they are finally going to be returning to work but there is a condition attached to their return. 

As it has been alleged, the cast of the show has been sitting at home and have not been paid for months while waiting for company being SABC to renew their contracts. Their contracts will be renewed only if each of them get a Covid-19 vaccine meaning that those who do not get vaccinated will not have their contracts renewed. 

A source and a crew member both revealed that Duma Ndlovu told the actors and actresses of Muvhango that they will not renew their contracts if they don't vaccinate for Covid-19.

"We through our full weight behind Duma, No Vaccine, no contract. The actors are role models and they should lead by examples. If they vaccinate publicly, that will encourage many people to innoculate and the country will reach herd immunity quickly so that we can start rebuilding our economy,which has been tanked by this virus", a crew member said. 

Meanwhile, Muvhango's publicity specialist being Thanduxolo Jindela said that the company came to that conclusion of no vaccine, no contract because of loosing more money each time an actor or actress contracts the virus and is force to stay away. 

"The company had to reschedule shooting dates and was forced to work overtime to catch up because we were behind schedule. This ballooned production costs", Jindela added. 

The actors and actresses must get the Covid-19 vaccine as one would not only be protecting his or herself but getting it but will also be protecting the lives of colleagues. If one contracts the virus, chances are very high that many more of his or her colleagues will also contract the virus and what will happen to the production of the show? It will be affected and also affect those who do not have the virus in terms of salaries then in the end, they would not be able to put food on the table for their families and only because of one person. That would be unfair, therefore they should agree to the vaccine.

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