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ISENCANE LEGANE: Siyacela Caught In Public Doing Something A Married Man Should Not Be Doing

Isecane legane is an unscripted television show that plays on the Moja Love station. The show, as it passes by its name, is around two young people who fell head over heels online at age 16 and settled on a critical choice in their lives to secure the bunch at the guiltless age of 16. 

At the point when the show went to the TV screen, numerous watchers were stunned that such small children, who had not completely evolved, chose to take the significant choice of getting hitched while they were still school students. They met up on account of affection and concluded that they needed to spend their coexistences as a couple. 

Very few individuals endorsed them getting into something that even a few grown-ups can not keep up with. The two have chosen to provide us with a brief look at what it resembles to get hitched at a youthful age, living in a profound Zulu town with profound social practices. The show has been circulating for some time now and Thando and Siyacela appear to include struggle inside their third year of marriage. Siyacela has changed and is treating individuals around him in an unexpected way. 

Each Saturday, the show's characters are left furious by why Thando chose to get hitched when she has such a huge amount in front of herself, seeing that she is particularly centered around her schooling and needs to seek after it. In any case, the main thing that could hold her back could be simply the despondent marriage she may find in for quite a long time to come. 

Siyacela has even begun seeing one more lady despite Thando's good faith and is wanting to wed her. What's more, on the grounds that Thando is somebody who doesn't support being in a polygamous marriage, she has additionally uncovered to her mom that her better half, Siyacela, likewise genuinely manhandles her. 

Siyacela was spotted all over town with one more lady out on the town while he let Thando be at home. This furious different ladies in her day to day existence and caused a discussion after a Twitter client said a few ladies date wedded men purposely and they should stop. 

Siyacela, as a wedded man, additionally doesn't regard her significant other, in light of the fact that he is out doing things that wedded men shouldn't do. 

Allow us to trust Thando will dare to leave that marriage while it is still early.

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