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Divorce Affair

Meikie Maputla is on a lot fire at her trial After She Did This In #SkeemSaam

Meikie Maputla is on a lot fire at her trial In #SkeemSaam

I don't think Meikie's doing herself justice for her upcoming trial. She should be strategic in her battle so that she can win the family members over.

She's going to be under a lot fire at her trial, Bopape gave her a game plan and she's not using it. Seems like Meikie will never accept Zamo as John's son. Meikie has to accept Zamo as John's son, yes,but let's not forget how this son came to be in the first place. The fact that she didnt leave the house and apologised is enough for me, whether she means it or not is her business. 

I hate how John is on Meikie's face about Zamo. She tried to make peace with Kwaito, but instead John wanted her to make peace with MaNtuli as well, instead of first step at a time. Meikie is not allowed to get angry and heal, like she shoud accept everything just like dat.

The thing is we are quick to hate Meikie's ’s character forgetting that what was done to her by her best friend n husband is very hurtful. She is called" bitter and wants everything to be about herself " they forget that her best friend slept with her man and had a baby.

I think Leeto was right Meikie should just divorce John. There's too much tension. I think it's time for Meikie to leave John. It's clear that they will never see eye to eye when it comes to Zamo. Neither one of them is happy. They need to let go otherwise ke bona go tswa setopo ka mo ga Maputla. Mantuli deep down she wants Zamo to inherit something from Jonh Maputla but is scared of Meiki. Well she was never scared when she cheating behind her back. Atleast she payed with the gun shots now let Zamo enjoy his benefits.

Joyce is the only person that can put Meiki in her place. Leeto has adopted his mother's attitude, he was soo disappointed to the good Noah is doing, all he wanted was trouble and more trouble coz dat Meiki likes seeing other in trouble. 

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Meikie Maputla


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