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Skeem Saam: Pretty Seakamela find herself homeless after disobeying Mantuli

Pretty Seakamela find herself homeless after disobeying Mantuli, remember Mantuli still angry about Lehasa Maphosa after refusing to be a father of pretty's unborn child when she was pregnant, and Pretty promised her Mother that she will never ever let Lehasa Maphosa to take advantage with her Again because she was confused that time she falls in love with him.

Now she fells in love with him again after what Lehasa Maphosa did to her, and on top of that she lied to her family when she was telling them that she go to Mpumalanga for a part time Job, so Mantuli will be very angry because it seems like pretty does not want to listen to her, after what her family went through because of Lehasa Maphosa she still let her to play with her feelings.

Mantuli is very tired about pretty because she always does everything she wants to do and she does not want to listen to anyone, and at the end of the day when she gets inside of a trouble she involves her family, firstly it was Nimrod, secondly Katlego and now is Lehasa Maphosa, and she doesn't see that Lehasa use her, she always wants her to lie to her family.

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