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Sis Thembi Threatened To Expose Ntombi's Secrets About The Death Of Her Father In #Dlozlami (Watch)

Thembi Threatened To Expose Ntombi's Secrets About The Death Of Her Father in #Dlozlami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page

Ntombi wants to test Sis Thembi does she not know the underground gang can hang her dirty laundry for the nation to discuss "Ntombi Skang Gafisa". Sis Thembi has threatened to revealed Ntombi's deepest secrets about her father. Thembi has Warn her not to ask any question to the ancestors. Sje told her that she need to be careful about the questions sje is asking about the death of her father because #Idlozin does not mess around but it tells the truth.

Apparently Ntombi's father could have died of HIV and AIDS or something else. Her father told her not to mess around. If she messes around, going around playing she will get infected just like him. Ntombi is stubborn and she has anger management. Her grandmother has blocked her ways because of her behavior. She is accusing her grandmother that she hates her and she is bewitching her.

Her child is sick and she does not know, is because her baby daddy has not paid damages because his on and off. Sis Thembi has warn her not to go around and playing. If her baby daddy does not allow she Cando introducing ceremony for the child because she is not born under that surnames. She is the most simplest person in the word. She is lucky because her grandmother has not blocked her way. Ntombi can consul, Imagine Being feared by your own ancestors for your extreme Cmconsultation. In as much as old people are "old" and shouldn't be taken to head, old people will hurt you to the point of no return they have zero consideration and zero accountability.

The lady who was seating with Ntombi refused to hear her story. Apparently she paused sis Thembi while she was about to tell her about her depress.

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